Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Color surprises ~

Now that my dyed silky merino is dry, I made a braid out of it to see how the colors would play together. They look lovely together, and I was so excited to see how this would spin that I started spinning as soon as I was done plying the Chicken Coop Fiber.
I think the dying and then the rinsing/spinning in the washing machine felted the fiber a bit, as I have to pull and fluff a bit before spinning.  So far there is more thick and thin bits in the single, as I need to pull and fluff even more before spinning.
More time to try this week!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Color Me Beautiful ~

I am delightfully surprised at how beautiful this yarn turned out. Given that this fiber was overlooked at our Guild as, "Who would want this?" and the fiber was felted a bit so I had to do a lot of fluffing and pulling before spinning, the colors of the plying are so beautiful.
The final skein is so amazing with all the colors and blending of orange, green, yellow and hot pink.
What delightful project can I knit with 169 yards!?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amazing Yak ~

I started to spin the yak/merino blend that I bought from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Barn Sale yesterday. The sale was so great and this fiber is so soft, plus I have never spun any fiber with yak...so how could I resist such a learning experience?   I had to buy some.
It was so soft and beautiful that once I separated it into two equal bumps today, I had to start spinning right away. Otherwise, I would have dreams about this fiber tonight and been frustrated that I didn't start spinning right away this afternoon.
Everything you have heard about the softness of yak is true. So very soft and I feel like I am spinning the single thinner than I normally spin, as the fiber slides softly from my fingers to the bobbin with just a whisper of movement. I may have to finish this fast, as I cannot wait to see (and feel) this yarn!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dye Day at the Barn ~

When Jitteryknitter invited me to attend a dying class in Portland, well, of course I said yes. She makes everything an adventure, even grocery shopping! She is awesome like that. She didn't know the details of the class, just that we squeaked in before it was full.  Turns out, the dying event was with the rock star we know from our Sock Summit days, Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and the event was at their famous barn studio.  Well, now I was really excited!  Plus, we could knit during the drive except the driver (thanks Jan!).  Sweet!
Those that know me will know that when I saw these hanging from the barn's ceiling, I said, "I want those" and sadly they were made for a special order. One of the great helpers found me a skein of that Socks that Rock yarn, Sherbert, in the mill ends sale so I was able to have some neon on sale. Yes, this was turning out to be another perfect fiber day!  Here are pictures of our four color stars, working their magic on their yarn and fiber.
F1bercat has a very good description of our great day on her blog.  Here is how my fiber turned out - no neon here, just magenta, turquoise, yellow (not muddy yellow, Lisa) and green.
Not bad for a girl obsessed with neon and rainbows!  I can't wait to see how this spins up into yarn. The fiber is merino/superwash merino/silk and very soft.  Since I played with fiber today, I am counting this as part of my Tour de Fleece event!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Two Ready to Ply ~

I have been able to spin each day of Tour de Fleece except for Thursday, as I had a night meeting at work and arrived home too late. So we shall call that day a "rest day" from the race, and I started up again to finish this second single of the Chicken Coop Fiber.
This has spun fairly well, a bit felted and needing lots of fluffing and pulling before I could spin it, but worth it to see these lovely peach and yellow colors purring through to the bobbin.  I am looking forward to plying this one to see what it will look like with the mixture of colors, "Creamsicle" and "Pinata" sounds like the final product might be "Sangria!"  Hurrah!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Chicken Coop Fiber ~

Spinning again today, I do love this Tour de Fleece goal of spinning every day of the race! I am still on vacation from work, so it has not been difficult to find the spinning time. Tomorrow will be the test, as I am back to work (sad face).
This is the Chicken Coop fiber that is now discontinued, as I have not been able to find it on line. From a local fiber artist that has probably moved on to other endeavors. I am happy to be spinning this fiber with no veg matter and such a lovely color!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hidden Jewels ~

The corriedale fiber turned out lovely, with the mohair colors popping in a delightful yet subtle way. There was a lot of veg matter in it, so I am happy to be done spinning this.
After a nice soak, it became softer than before, yet still not next-to-your-skin-soft. I'm not sure what would be a great knitting project for this yarn, 228 yards. Perhaps some color work that would bring out the pops of color?