Monday, April 14, 2014

Heel Turns on the road ~

While out running errands today, I was able to complete one of the heel turns on my youngest daughters socks. Her birthday in July, so I should have plenty of time to finish these, right? Heel turns used to make me a bit nervous, and I would need to have total quiet so I could work through the Queen Kahuna directions and be sure to get all the markers in the correct location.
Now I can do a heel turn in the car, during a road trip, as long as I have the directions and my little bag of colored markers. Practice, practice, practice!  Hurrah for turned heels, and on to the leg/cuff pattern!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Complete Orange ~

Done in plenty of time for that May birthday, I present to you these Orangeade socks! Hurrah! I could have used a bit more yarn, as the legs/cuffs are shorter than normal, but I knew that when I started these. They seem much shorter than the first pair I knit with this yarn. 
I knit those on size 3 needles, and these with size 2, so could that be part of the reason? I ran out of yarn on the second sock's cast off, so I used a little bit from her Strawberry Lemonade (Hazel Knits) socks. Very pretty!
My birthday girl will love them, as she loves all the socks that I knit for her. She knows that is a guaranteed way of getting more knitted socks!  Now she gets to pick out some sock yarn for her next pair of socks, hurrah!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blocking Secrets ~

I have to admit to the secret of why my cowls and scarves have been looking so amazing lately. Well, it is not my knitting. No, really, it is not me.  My secret is Patti.  Yes, Patti.  She is a super blocker and has figured out how to block a sow's ear into a silk purse, or a long curled hot dog thingy into a lovely cowl.
I am not sure how she does it, as I have blocked many projects in my knitting career, yet none look so "display in a knitting shop" worthy as those blocked by Patti. Truthfully, we have seen displays in knitting shops that desperately need to be blocked by Patti.  Her blocked projects should actually be on the cover of Interweave or Vogue Knitting.  I'm serious, she is THAT good!
P.S.  She is Jitteryknitter's secret too....just had to come clean on that too...

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello Chevoit ~

When I was at Madrona this year, searching for Finn, I met another sheep that I knew would be in my spinning future. The name of the sheep breed is Chevoit, which I connected with Chevrolet being a Detroit girl. This sheep breed is tough like Detroit, and also lovely and soft.  What struck me when I first saw the Chevoit at the Woolgatherings booth was the color. Clear and pure white, like the froth on a latte, almost glowing white, like a seashell's iridescence.
Yes, I did get the Chevoit fiber, and started to spin today. The fibers seem to be longer than I am used to spinning, and I found little pokey fibers here and there, I believe they are called kemp fibers. I do not recall seeing them before in my spinning, but perhaps the white luminous quality of the Chevoit makes the kemp appear more easily. I love this continuing education about new breeds to spin. So far, this is a lovely wool fiber to add to my education!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bear Sweater ~

The Seattle Knitter's Guild charity project this year is Erin's Bears, so I thought I'd better cast on to see if I could figure out the easy sweater pattern for these bears. The pattern is designed by one of our very creative Guild members, and it was very easy.  Thank you Anu!
Here is my sweater, cast on and cast off in one day of knitting.  I do wish I had more of the yarn for the sleeves, but these short sleeves will be perfect for warmer weather! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Orange and Lime ~

Another adventure in favorite colors, this cowl has been such fun to knit with my lovely yellow glass needles!  The pattern has a great rhythm and has worked well with the needles and very soft yarn.
Not sure how it will block out, as the sides are curling and the slipped stitches also pull the edges. I will ask for help from our Amazing Blocking Wizard, Patti, as she makes all of our wrinkled and crinkled projects look like professionally knit samples!  Hurrah!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Orange you glad ~

A wonderous color, orange. Such connection with all things bright and citrus and happy. Yet orange is so misunderstood, really, not many people appreciate the beauty, grace and whimsey of orange.
Imagine my thrill when oldest daughter picked out this yarn for her socks. She typically picks out the muted colors, yet this time she is taking a chance on orange. They are turning out great, and almost to the heel turn! Youngest daughter is already wanting them, and to be honest, so am I!