Thursday, July 28, 2011

Track Star Birthday ~

The Track Star socks are finished ~ Hurrah! In time for the Track Star's Birthday! Hurrah!!Here is the beautiful heel, right from Queen Kahuna! Hurrah!!Here's to being at Sock Summit now, getting more sock yarn!!!HURRAH!!!!! Hurrah!!!! HURRAH!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mum's heels ~

Can't believe I was able to turn both heels during cross country practice. Seems faster to turn heels when I've just done the Track Star heels last week, so these went super fast. Also size 3 needles help with the speed!They are looking lovely, and warm for mum in the winter. I think she would not like to think about alpaca socks now, given the heat wave they are having!!!
P.S. Sock Summit Starts Tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Qiviuk and coffee ~

Working on this lovely scarf made from this cobweb of fiber is a lovely experience. I find that it is growing bit by bit with each row of teeny tiny stitches.These green Signature Needles are so great to work with, even with the green needle against the green qiviuk yarn. All lovely!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mum's socks ~

Working on mum's socks again. Alpaca, as she feels scratchy with wool next to her skin, and on size 3 needles, so they should be knitting up faster.... except that they have slipped in the priority list with all my shawls and other socks.Making progress lately ~ love to knit during kids' cross country practice! Love to knit outside! Love to be knitting on the gusset already!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stitch 'n Pitch ~

We had a great night at Seattle's Stitch 'n Pitch. Although our team lost, we had lots of fun with lots of knitters, plus surprise visit from our nephew! He also came with us to the midnight showing of Harry Potter, so it was an exciting day for him, too!All the knitting projects were fun to check out - lots of lace and socks and blankets being knit in our section. Hey, check out the Track Star socks, next to the Track Star!!!Lots of shops and sales and inspiration along the walkways of the stadium.This is the first year I've made it to our Stitch 'n Pitch and it was great fun!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry at Midnight ~

We were lucky to get tickets for the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie. It was fabulous and we had a blast waiting to see the movie, and seeing all the great costumes. We were wearing the scarves I knit for the last movie's midnight showing and noon showing. Tonight there was a gal dressed as Bellatrix that was almost too real!!! Scary wench!Some lovely knitted items in this movie, but I won't be a Spoiler and wreck your fun. Bittersweet that this is the last Harry Potter film, as we have loved this delightful ride into Harry's world!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Track Star Knitting ~

The road trip home was all track star knitting. I'm knitting a slip stitch cuff for these socks as it shows off the lovely yarn really well. I think I can finish these before the end of July if I just get more time for the knitting (we all say that, don't we....just need more knitting time!) in the next few weeks.Here are the track star socks celebrating summer with an icy cool drink ~ check out those cuffs!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sisters Quilt Show ~

The day of the quilt show arrived. The Sisters Quilt Show is the largest outdoor quilt show in the world.My sister and I have been attending for years, and love everything about the show. The inspiration of seeing hundreds and hundreds of completed quilts is staggering. This year there were over 1300 quilts on display outside!Some of my favorite quilts each year are the western quilts with cowboys and cowgirls and horses and campfires and all-things-western.Always the second Saturday in July, and I highly recommend this event if you have an interest in quilting.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tosh outside ~

Since I had the outdoors to myself while hundreds were inside taking quilting classes, I decided I could also knit on my Tosh shawl. This one required a bit of counting, and so I sat in the sunshine and knit and counted.I made great progress on this shawl and the pattern and yarn are working well together. Doesn't this yarn look stunning in the sunshine and leaves! A wonderful feeling to be knitting on so many projects and feel the progress! Ahhhh, vacation!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quilt Class Qiviuk ~

While my sister was taking a quilt class from 8:30 to 3:30, I was knitting outside in the lovely Oregon sunshine. I did many rows on the amazing Qiviuk scarf, and often wonder how I can put it down to knit on something else. The yarn is lovely and soft, yet so thin I get a little nervous that it will break. I always feel so happy, and relieved, when I get to the end of the row and have the correct stitches. Not sure why such a short pattern can be confusing...lots of knit-in-the-back-loop and knit2-together-in-the-back-loop and other many-word-instructions. So far, so good, and the lace pattern looks good!! I emailed my sweet friend that gifted me with this precious yarn to thank her again!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Road trip knitting too ~

Day two of our road trip, and we are still heading south. I'm still making progress on my Track Star socks, but wondering why I thought knitting the heels in the car is really the best road trip knitting. I had the instructions on my lap, in case I became lost on the heel turn, plus I had all the stitch markers (two colors to help with the heel turn instructions) clipped into a big pin so I wouldn't lose them in the car.I did finish the second heel turn, without losing markers or getting lost in the pattern. Hurrah! Perhaps on the way home I'll be knitting on the I won't need instructions or stitch markers...true road trip knitting!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Road trip knitting ~

My sister and I started a road trip, heading for a long weekend away. I've packed many knitting projects in the hopes of knitting a few rounds on all of them.The project for the road trip piece is the Track Star socks, and I had the first heel turned by the time we turned the lights out at our motel for the evening. Pictured here on my Queen Kahuna book on sock knitting - the best sock knitting resource I have! Turning a heel by the first night is a great start to the road trip!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Plying instead ~

Instead of working on the shawl that had mystified me (aka, the Whoops Shawl), I did more spinning. Pretty chicken of me, I know, but the spinning did work out well.I spun enough as a single that I was able to ply in one session, which is always gratifying to see how the colors blend. Some as barber pole, and other match up with the same color. Always a delightful surprise!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whoops ~

Cruising along on my Celaeno Shawl, beginning Chart B, and the directions seem to be straight forward. Nothing tricky, as I even check to be sure the "place bead" is really a separate stitch, and it is... it is a purl.... I'm knitting along while babysitting, and I have 5 stitches before the center stitch, however my directions are already at the center stitch....bad news here... so I keep going, and by the end of row 1, I have lots of stitches left over.... Perhaps row 2 of Chart B will fix the count, but no.....too many stitches from somewhere.Using the same technique that Annelie used when I messed up my Traveling Woman, I pulled out the needles while the shawl is on a flat surface, and ripped back three rows to where I wasn't messed up.Then put all the stitches back on these lovely needles....making sure to catch each one, and it wasn't difficult, and I didn't even need to breathe into a paperbag this time :)Then recounted to be sure I have the correct amount at the end of Chart A.... and I do, now I need to get back on that horse that kicked me off, and knit row 1 of Chart B again....(perhaps I'll have a cup of coffee first...)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Knitting Tools ~

The proper knitting tools can really improve a knitting experience. A great tool can help knitters be more accurate, more efficient and able to spend more time knitting, and less time fiddling with bits and pieces that do not work quite right. Ask your friends about knitting tools that work really well for them, I'm sure they will have some good recommendations...This wizard of a coffee maker is my newest knitting tool, and a great recommendation from JitteryKnitter. I can now get a fresh cup of coffee (or tea) on a moments notice, any time of the night or day. On weekends, this has extended my knitting time greatly! Hurrah! This picture is the first "inaugural" cup of coffee, in my crazy sheep mug!