Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lovely Moonbeams ~

This fiber was so beautiful before I spun it, and just kept getting more beautiful through the spinning singles and into the plying. See how I am still using this super zebra bobbin for the plying!
I enjoyed each and every color as it smoothed through my fingers, so soft and so lovely. The colors look so lovely plyed together. Can you believe it is almost my one year anniversary of getting my sweet Pocket Wheel!  I am improving so much each time I spin!  
It will need to be knit into a shawl or scarf so I can see it when I'm wearing it!  Love Love Love this!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

River knitting ~

Finally we are able to go to the river for a camping trip.  The first of the summer and it is already August. How can that be?
Thankfully I get a lot of knitting done when we are at the river see here and here and here.  I put my beach chair right into the river and start knitting right after breakfast, and continue until dinner.  If I am lucky, I can knit a few more rounds until we start star gazing for the evening. 
Camping by the river is peaceful and full of knitting.  This weekend was focused on the Fraternal Twin socks. I turned the heel on both, and they are charming!