Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ~

We had a spontaneous pumpkin carving event in our garage... with very scary results.This event took about a half hour to plan and get some of our neighborhood kids over.We took this 45 pound pumpkin from our own pumpkin patch, and set up the kids and pumpkins in our took the other, smaller pumpkins out of our pumpkin patch...and fired up the power tools.....After three large pizzas, the results were wonderful!The kids had a blast, carved with little saws and power tools and danced around to Pandora's Halloween soundrtack - what a blast we had!!!Bonus, there was a visit by our very own Super Chicken!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bosses Yarn Bomb ~

Since there are three knitters in our office, we thought it would be a lovely show of affection to yarn bomb our bosses office for Bosses Day.Given that we don't have a knitting machine like our famous yarn bomber here and here and here, we did some fast knitting by hand.Although it seemed like we were knitting forever, it did not give us the complete coverage of his office plants as we had hoped, but it still looked very cool.Plus, he loved it!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Say Yah to da UP, eh!

Quick knitting interruption here, as I saw this bumper sticker today and couldn't believe it.For those of you that many not know, the U.P. is the upper peninsula of Michigan. A lovely place where I went to school and met my mountain man - not a lot of people in this area - mostly rural and lovely. Although technically part of Michigan, it has many loyalties to Wisconsin...such as there are many Packer fans in the UP that feel that the Detroit Lions are not their home team.... This bumper sticker, outside Seattle, is very far from home, so I was so curious that there might be a Yooper in the immediate area! Yes, Yoopers are what those that are local to the UP are called - my mountain man is a Yooper.....and he kinda talks like dat....:)

Steph in Seattle ~

Celebrity siting in Seattle this week. We were again lucky that Stephanie appeared at a local book store for her book tour. Unfortunately I had a night meeting I had to attend, so I missed it. Our group was represented beautifully with babies, knitwear and three generations of knitters (well, we're sure baby Annika will soon be a knitter)You many recognize Marion as she has two very lucky grand kids that you've met before. You met Sawyer here and here and here and here and here, and Annika here. Many thanks to the Yarn Harlot and her blog for documenting the event so well that I almost felt like I was there. This picture is from her blog, too. Did you hear that her book began at #24 on the New York Bestseller list?!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silk socks done ~

I was able to finish two projects on our ocean weekend. That feels so great! Plus knitting on so many projects in one weekend feels great too - wouldn't it be grand to be able to knit on such a variety every weekend! I love the yarn for these socks, and love the pattern in the cuff. Jitteryknitter noticed how the yarn pools in the feet and heels, but stripes in the cuff pattern. Very interesting, and I had not noticed that!All the projects make me remember what great projects they are, and I wonder why I'm not knitting on them more, and then I remember all the busy times...and I strive to get more knitting time...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ocean Knitting three ~

The sunshine came out on Sunday at the ocean, so I was able to take a picture outside with mum's shawl. This is knitting up very slowly due to the k1 p1 in the middle, and I do not knit that combination very fast at all... so I am hoping I can finish this before Christmas. It is beautiful, plus on Signature Needles, so the alpaca knitting is wonderful!Funny picture below, as my youngest went walking on the beach in her swamp boots and was swamped by a big wave that went up and over her tall boots, and soaking her Christmas Socks. Here are her Tropicana socks drying out in the wind and sunshine. Aren't they lovely!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ocean Knitting too ~

Still pouring rain, and still knitting on everything I brought with me. I did a few rows on the shawl in the Panda Wool curry color, and was surprised how well it was knitting. This is the one where we had an intervention at Sock Summit this year.... and it must have worked, as I have the correct amount of stitches! Hurrah!Also knit on the sweet pea silk shawl from my I Knit London skein, and it is so lovely, even in the rain rain rain of the ocean weekend!The colors of this yarn are amazingly beautiful, and I wish the pattern was easier so I could knit while talking or listening to the goings-on around me...but this is another brandywine type where I need to concentrate....but still beautiful! Plus both these projects are on Signature Needles! Bonus!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ocean Knitting ~

This weekend was our relaxing weekend at the ocean. Since I was sure I would have hundreds of hours to knit, I took all my projects and vowed to knit some rows on each one, plus make major progress on mum's shawl that I'm knitting for Christmas. We arrived late Friday night, and by Saturday morning it was pouring rain and I was knitting.Knitting on the sparkle socks with the interesting yarn from Portland's Yarnia. I'd forgotten how fun these socks are, and how amazing it is to knit with many strands of fiber all put together into brought back fun memories of visiting Yarnia on our Portland trip last year!Also knitting on the silky close to being done...and the pouring rain didn't stop the lovely beauty of watching the ocean while knitting!I'm sure I'll finish them this weekend! They look bright and sunny, even in the pouring rain of the ocean weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Run for the record ~

Before I tell you about more knitting, just wanted to congratulate our xcountry runners for an awesome County meet. My runner rocked the course by setting a PR - doesn't she look happy!Way to go, girl!! Look at all those gals you've passed!!!!!Fast to the finish!!! On to Boise!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pocket practice ~

I finally had some time to practice on my Pocket Wheel. It is much like learning to drive a stick shift vehicle, looking for that sweet spot of letting out the clutch while easing into the accelerator as you glide into first gear.....famous theories....when actually there is that letting out of the clutch too fast... and stalling, or bucking-then-stalling ..... letting out too slow... and stalling.... that sweet spot ever we stall yet again.....I'm getting a little better, but looking forward to getting past first gear and cruising!!! (Isn't she a lovely wheel!)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthday fun ~

We celebrated Debi's birthday on Saturday, complete with knitting and dinner. Complete, too, with Signature Needles as her gift from us. What a great tradition this has become, as it is almost worth it to get a little older just to get a pair of these amazing needles!Here we are on the beach before dinner, walking along by the ferry dock and having a whale of a time!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cross country pack ~

Great xcountry meet today. Four high schools and four races, - girls varsity, girls jr varsity, boys varsity and boys jr varsity. Our kids stayed in their running packs and won the meet.Here's a great picture of my daughter's "pack" as they are about to take the turn into the woods. Look closely to the left corner and see the kick of who they are chasing! Hurrah!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Perfect Pocket Day ~

The day had arrived when my pocket wheel was ready to be picked up. I first tried one at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September, 2010 and ordered it in November, 2010. At that time it was scheduled to be done in July, 2011. Life happens, and the handcrafters took more time, so I ended up waiting patiently for 11 months. Jitteryknitter and I took the ferry over to Whidbey Island to pick up my wheel, and had the most enjoyable afternoon with "Mr & Mrs Pocket Wheel" They introduced us to their sheep (Violet and flock) and their chickens, plus their angora bunny (can't believe we didn't take any pictures - too excited!). Then we toured the wood working area, and the finishing area, and then into the house to get a spinning lesson. Ahhhhh, the spinning!My zebra wood bobbin seemed to have some tension issues, but I had a blast learning all about my wheel. Their living room was a dream, several pocket wheels to sample, several big baskets of all sorts of fiber, and several big baskets of handspun ~ what a dream! I started getting better at the spinning, and we would have stayed all night! Now there is not so much tension in my singles....(See how one side of the blue has a lot less tension than the other?! Hurrah!)The zebra bobbin still has tension issues we are working out!!!Stay tuned for more fun with the Pocket Wheel!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peaceful Tea ~

I made progress on mum's Peaceful shawl while waiting to pick up kids at youth group. The pattern seems to be working well, and the yarn and needles are a dreamy combination!I just need to keep up the Christmas knitting so I can finish on time to send to Michigan...(lots of time, right?)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas cast on ~

Now that is it October, are there any knitters out there wondering how to get all your knitting treasures finished for Christmas? I've scaled down my Christmas knitting plans this year, so I hope that I won't be so frantic in December...famous theories for 50, right? Here is a lovely cast on for mum's shawl/wrap, a fun pattern called Peaceful Leaves Yoga Wrap. I'll knit it and not attach the buttons, as my mum would just use it as a shawl.I'm using my Cascade Eco Alpaca, from our wonderful tour of their warehouse (when was that?), as mum has wool issues, and the alpaca is knitting up very sweet, indeed. Using my birthday Signature Needles helps make this a lovely knitting adventure! Not sure if this picture shows off the knitting best, as it was wonderfully sunny when I snapped the the sunshine is rumored to be gone for this week....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Salmon Days' Success ~

We interrupt the knitting to bring you this news flash. Our 13 year old, still coughing from the remnants of her cold, begins the Salmon Days 5K with a smile and a kick!She finishes with a major spurt of speed, rounding the last corner to the finish with flying feet!Plus a personal PR of 23:28! Hurrah!!!!!! Go Girl Go!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Twilight Success ~

We interrupt the knitting to bring you the news flash from the Tomahawk Twilight xcountry race.Yes, she did really well, wore her new 'half inch' spikes for the first time, and they are still full of great golf course dirt and grass! Plus she earned an awesome blue ribbon! Hurrah!
(P.S. The "Twilight" in the name is because they run at dusk ~ no vampires were running)