Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pocket practicing ~

After the greatest spinning lesson I've had since bringing my wee Pocket Wheel home, I've been spinning on this "Wool Roving: wool from Merino Sheep!" is what the label says. It is from Dancing Leaf Farm and was one of the deals at Sock Summit this year. It had some issues, as it was sort of compressed and mushed, almost looked like it had been a bit felted... so I took it to my great spinning teacher and she started to pull and fluff and put air back into the roving, until it looked much better.The roving still shreds a bit, and probably isn't the best for a beginner to work with...but I keep thinking it is good to practice with, since I love the colors....pictured below with one of our pumpkins.I get a little better each time I practice, and hope that soon I'll feel like I'm a bit farther along than "beginner status" but for now I'm happy to be spinning away!

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