Friday, September 6, 2013

Road Trip Birthday ~

For the past five years, our family has taken a road trip on my birthday. This year our trip was to Spokane to watch our 15 year old run in the Tracy Walters Cross Country Invitational with her team. Fabulous drive over there, and cast on two (yes, two) projects that will count toward my "Birthday cast-on tradition" this year.
This first cast on are socks for my 15 year old cross country runner, in the colorway we bought together in Bellingham during college orientation for my 18 year old.  Also using a new brand of needles that I scored years ago on Ebay but had never used.  So far, they are working well.  Plus, I love the twist of this yarn - a great choice!
The second cast on are socks for my mum for Christmas. She cannot wear wool, so these are soft and cozy Alpaca with a Twist.
She says that she wears the other alpaca socks I have knitted for her all the time, and she needs new I had better get knitting!

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