Friday, January 17, 2014

Farewell Vanny ~

The 1988 Plymouth Van has a lot of memories for us. As my parents van, it took my new husband and I from our church wedding to our reception across town, with the lovely hood ornament of a pink flamingo. Part of the decorations for us as we were living in Florida yet getting married in my church in Michigan where there aren't that many flamingos. My parents used to drive the van to visit us for the summer, and we had many road trips with it. My sister and her husband bought it as their travel vehicle, since it could carry bikes, golf clubs and all the gear needed for their trips.  When my daughter turned 16, we bought it from them for her first vehicle.  Wood panel and certainly vintage, it was one of a kind in her high school parking lot, yet she loved it as one loves their first set of wheels. They had good adventures together, until today.
Today, we had yet another wind storm. Years ago the wind blew a tree down on our bedroom, so we checked all the trees that could hit the house and took down four of them. We didn't check the trees by the chicken coup, and today was the day that the wind was too strong. Farewell sweet vanny, you have been a great part of our family!

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