Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I could be a genius ~

I need to knit a Harry Potter scarf before November. Actually, I think I've told you that I need to knit three Harry Potter scarves before the next movie opening day. I bought great yarn for the first scarf, lovely alpaca, that my daughter says are, "the wrong colors" so I began knitting this one for me.

I cast on for a ribbed scarf, thinking that would hide the yarn carried up the side for the stripes... it looked horrid....ripped it out..... cast on double pointed needles as if it were a hat, so I wouldn't have a right and wrong side....

couldn't get double pointed needles to work for that cast on and first row.... ripped it out......then....after a stroke of genius, I cast on with two circulars like it was a sock!

No wrong showing of the yarn carried up the side, as it is hidden inside...and it is soft and beautiful too....great yarn..... (I know you're thinking,"how smart is that!")

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