Monday, February 18, 2013

Cashmere Deal ~

At our November Yarn Yoga, there were two skeins of wicked soft cashmere silk in the sale bin. So lovely, yet still pricey even on sale. We all drooled over them and smooshed them, and wished we could get them..... Kathy couldn't pass them up, so she bought both of the skeins. Since it was lace weight, she used both ends from both skeins and started knitting a garter stitch scarf using 4 strands of this lovely yarn. When we were at Madrona, and the scarf was about 6 inches long, she decided that it needed sequins and sparkle. She found white sparkle/sequins at Madrona, and told us she was going to rip out her scarf, start over and add the sparkle/sequins.  Well, we had an intervention….I said it wouldn't be soft on her neck anymore if she added sparkles/sequins, Marion told her it was, "Just not right" to compromise cashmere/silk with novelty yarn.... Lisa just said, "No, no way..." 
To compromise, I said I would knit her a lacy scarf with one skein if she would give me the other skein…no sparkles, no sequins…just a lacy cashmere and silk scarf for her....and she agreed to the deal. So far, her scarf looks pretty good....not sparkly, but oh, so soft!!! Plus I get the other skein of this amazing yarn!


kathy b said...

Lace weight knitters amaze me...
its all spider webs to me.

Carry on! I love it

Torhild said...

Nice deal you got there ;) the yarn looks gorgeous!