Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truth about Elizabeth ~

I never really understood why all knitters are wild about Elizabeth Zimmerman...I know, I know... just saying that could cause a fiber riot.... but I must confess, I didn't get the love. To me, her patterns seemed to be missing a lot...as in there weren't any directions in her patterns... her double warm hat said something like, "knit a hat, then knit another hat and put them inside each other for a double warm hat" and I just can't knit like that.  Those sorts of instructions actually put me into a panic.  How, exactly, do I "rapidly increase" when I am already knitting as fast as I can?
At our Whidbey weekend, sweet Marion brought one of Elizabeth's DVDs for us to watch, as she said that was the only way to understand the amazingness that is Elizabeth...Well, between her soapbox on the value of knitting with only wool so her knitted garments would not cause acid rain, and her showing a certain technique and then saying, "But don't do it that way or you'll not have my blessing.." Well, how could anyone not love this woman? I am now a true believer.... EZ rocks!

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