Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here are the Runners~

Yes, the runners have appeared on our hat!  So far, after working through the chart, each runner (in blue yarn) has two legs (one with the foot on the ground, the other is up with a bent knee) and the arm that is lower (the other arm is swinging at the top, and I am not there yet).  I worked through an odd part of the chart, as it says to repeat one of the sections eight times.  I understood it to mean repeating the runner eight times, except if I would have taken the directions literally, there would have been an extra arm in each of those repeats.....the arms are not visible in this picture, as there is just the one hand that is beginning to appear...stay tuned!
I do hope I have translated the directions and chart correctly.... it has been a super fun knit so far!

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