Friday, May 31, 2013

Finished Famous Socks ~

Remember this famous picture of our Jitteryknitter at our Seattle Mariners stitch and pitch? (yes, I knew you would remember...)
I love this picture and it proves to the world that she has actually knit socks, two of them...and she looks super happy about it!  This was several years ago... Last month she mentioned to me that the top cuff of one of these "famous" socks had unraveled, so I offered to fix them....after all, they are famous.......
So I did - and it was fun, as I had a finished sock in a very sort time... just ripped back an inch and started again.  The only difference from the other sock is that I did a stretchy bind off... but that won't show when the socks are on.  Now you can relax, as the famous socks can pose for pictures again!

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