Friday, July 5, 2013

E and Alice ~

Imagine my joy when I received this picture from my youngest, with a note, "Alice says Hello!" My first thought was, who is Alice's owner, and what breed is Alice?
The answer was, "Alice is yours, we are bringing her home"  which I knew was not true...but if Alice was coming home from Michigan with my husband and our kids, I would have to call Marion to take care of the shearing of said Alice...I would just like to play with Alice, not do any of the shearing, washing, combing or "teasing" of the fleece (does anyone out there remember the Good Neighbor's episode where Barbara and Tom "tease" the fleece?).  When I talked to my youngest on the phone and asked her about the breed, she said, "I think it is Lester....." which, translated means Leicester...I do love this picture of both these sweeties!

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