Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Amazing Miss Babs ~

I might be the only knitter on earth who has not cast on with Miss Babs yarn by now. I could say that I don't know why I waited this long, but I do know why.  In all the shows where I see Miss Babs yarn, I can never, ever pick out one skein.  They are all beautiful and soft and perfect. Too perfect to choose just one or two. As many of you already know, the Rabbit Hole of Miss Babs yarn is a slippery place that many a knitter have stumbled into.  I only have two skeins of Miss Babs, both scored on Ebay.  Somehow when there is only one skein to look at, there is not the dizzyness associated with her yarn booth, so I was able to bid and win.
When I presented my oldest with her Graduation Socks, she knew that also meant that she could now choose the next skein of sock yarn that would become her next pair of hand knit socks.  I was thrilled when she picked Miss Babs. Casting on was so exciting, especially since I forced myself to wait until both birthday knitting projects of July were DONE!

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