Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Skein left behind ~

Jitteryknitter takes her daughter up to the same college where we just attended orientation. (Does this sound like the opening line of a joke, "A knitter walks into a bar...." ?)   Really... they go to the same college a week after we are there, just so her daughter can check out the school and think about transferring. I am hoping they love the school so we have a better chance of getting to Knit Night on Tuesdays.... Around mid day, I get a picture and text from Jitteryknitter, "Did you leave this here?"
OMG Yes!  That was my daughter's second choice (and my first choice) and we were very sad to leave it there.  Then more sadness as Jitteryknitter did not bring it home for us.... she said, " seared my eyes right out of my head.."  Um, that is the point with neon...right?

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