Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vogue Knitting ~

Just when we are having a blast at Vogue Knitting in Seattle, which is really in Bellevue, working at the Eastside Knitter's Guild booth, next to the Seattle Knitter's Guild booth, I am thinking that it can't get much better than this. We all won door prizes, yarn and pattern books and a big project bag! Yarn everywhere, from Indy dyers and Local Yarn Shops, plus a special spot where we could swatch many yarns with lovely needles. How could this get any better?
Brioche class, with Nancy Marchant. No kidding. Less than an hour before the class starts and Jitteryknitter says, "You have to take my place in this class, I just can't go." First thoughts, excitement and terror.
As Nancy walked around as the students were coming into class, I admitted to her that I was terrified, and she said that was a good thing. Well, ok then...... and we started class.  She said we would hate the cast on that she taught us first, and we all did. Then the set up rows and then two color Brioche. Then my head started really did..... She only ripped out my swatch once, yes, just once, I know, I was lucky, and then I started to get the rhythm of two color Brioche. Not sure if I could keep going with this stitch without YouTube, or Nancy standing there to help. Fabulous class, fabulous teacher, and once my head stopped exploding it was super enjoyable!

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