Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello Chevoit ~

When I was at Madrona this year, searching for Finn, I met another sheep that I knew would be in my spinning future. The name of the sheep breed is Chevoit, which I connected with Chevrolet being a Detroit girl. This sheep breed is tough like Detroit, and also lovely and soft.  What struck me when I first saw the Chevoit at the Woolgatherings booth was the color. Clear and pure white, like the froth on a latte, almost glowing white, like a seashell's iridescence.
Yes, I did get the Chevoit fiber, and started to spin today. The fibers seem to be longer than I am used to spinning, and I found little pokey fibers here and there, I believe they are called kemp fibers. I do not recall seeing them before in my spinning, but perhaps the white luminous quality of the Chevoit makes the kemp appear more easily. I love this continuing education about new breeds to spin. So far, this is a lovely wool fiber to add to my education!

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