Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forgotten gusset ~

As I look at the 17 projects (gasp!) that I have cast on in the "On my needles" side bar of my blog, I get to thinking about which project is the closest to being done....there are times when I just want to finish something...that magical cast off moment where one feels that surge of accomplishment and that bounce into, "What shall I cast on now?"   More often than not, I cast on something new before finishing something, which should not surprise anyone that has noticed the 17 projects that are "On my needles" but I am sure that this many-projects-on-the-needles phenomenon is not unusual... Also, in the "not unusual" category, is that when I reacquainted myself with all my projects before St Pat's day, it turns out that I really like all of them...(ahem, not including the one with the lost armpits....)
Another note to share is that I had forgotten that I had knit up to the gussets on these socks, too. This means that of the five pairs of socks "On my needles" there is one pair past the heels, and two pair in the midst of gusset knitting.

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