Monday, March 25, 2013

Pagewood Farm Spring Yarn ~

I am happily amazed at how spring-like this yarn has turned out! Hurrah for Spring Colors!  Here in our region, it snowed two days after the First Day of Spring, and I know that many areas of the country still have a lot of many of us knitters and spinners are going for spring colors and hoping that spring will be here soon!
Here are two pictures of the skein in the sunshine. I think the picture on top looks more like the "real" skein, as there is a lot of pink in the lower picture, and that is not the case - although I love the look of both pictures!
I think the colors blended well and just a few spots where there was a bit of thick and thin spinning.  I am improving each spin and ply that I do.
Hurrah for another 179 yards of spring yarn! Hurrah!! Now I will have to search Ravelry for something great that takes 170 yards! (I put in the plyed bobbin picture too, as I think it looks darker on the bobbin, isn't that interesting?!)

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