Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home Team Treasure ~

Speaking of the Seattle Mariners Stitch and Pitch...where we first saw Jitteryknitters great and famous socks....well, each year we attend the Stitch and Pitch I get this crazy urge to buy the Hazel Knits sock yarn in the colorway, "Home Team" which are Mariners' colors, as Hazel Knits is one of our famous local yarns.  Well, I have never bought it, being a wee bit stronger than my crazy urge.... Meanwhile, last month Jitteryknitter inherits several bags of yarn and yarn magazines from a friend who has stopped knitting.  Look what is in one of the bags......
A very vintage skein of, yes, Home Team..... check out how cool the label very vintage for Hazel Knits.....and being such a great friend, Jitteryknitter gave this skein to me!  Crazy urge has now become a happy dance!!

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