Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A River Runs Through It

Knitting in the river provides me with peaceful time for inspiration and battery recharging. The rush of the water is the perfect sound and the view is a beautiful backdrop for my knitting and family fun. I am thinking of what knitting to take for this weekend ~ perhaps a few more hats, perhaps socks ~ perhaps swatching for another project that is "almost" on the needles. As the pictures show, the knitting project needs to be small enough to fit into a ziplock bag. Stay tuned for more river knitting success!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hats Off!

Here are more fun photos taken by my clever and creative daughter! Enjoy!

Knitting Bazaar Hats ~

Another weekend of delightful knitting in the river! I've ended up with three baby hats for our church's November Holiday Bazaar (why does that word look like it is spelled wrong? I've even checked it!). The middle hat is a pink "Squiggle" hat ~ very fun and oh-so-cute on babies! The hat on the left is a pink stripe version with Cascade Fixation bulky, and the hat on the right is a blue Cascade Fixation bulky variation. There is a 4th hat almost done, also out of Cascade Fixation bulky. All the hats are made with Stash Yarn ~ an extra bonus for me in my stash reduction activities! I try to knit 10 hats each year for our church Holiday Bazaar, and this is a good start for a great cause.

My 13 year old daughter is credited with the hat photos. Too bad it was raining today, or we would have had another "Chickens with Hats" picture to share! My other daughter turned 10 years old yesterday ~ very exciting, indeed ( could have said, "How Bazaar"!)

Here are some of last year's bazaar hats!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Instant Gratification

Knitting in the river this weekend, and three completed projects ~ how great is that? Here is my runway model, Cha Cha showing off my three berry hats. The strawberry hat and the blueberry hat were made for twins (a girl and a boy) that are about to be born to my sister's friend. Twins ~ How amazing is that!? The hats were so quick that I was able to knit another strawberry hat just for fun before the weekend was done ~ How delightful is that?

More knitting in the river this weekend ~ how perfect is that!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Progress!

I've made great progress on the Central Park Hoodie this weekend. I've finished the ribbing on the right front, back and left front pieces that I am knitting "all in one piece"(Yes, I like short cuts and do not like seaming). When I was done with the ribbing, it came time to knit from the "A chart" and "B chart" and "C chart" for the cables. I thought of a way to make this a bit easier, so I wouldn't have to keep checking the directions. With the help of my wonderful and talented sister, I was able to create beaded knitting counters that include "A", "B" and "C" beads. I place them at the beginning and end of the chart area so it won't matter which row (even or odd) I'm on, the bead counter "A" will indicate it is time to begin an "A chart" bit of knitting. Here is a picture of the hoodie with the bead counters ~ although it is hard (impossible?) to see the "A" and "B" and "C" beads ~ trust me that they look lovely! I made them in red, yellow and blue primary colors (get it? A, B, C...... I knew you'd get it!) and the "A" have blue beads dangling, and "B" beads have red beads dangling and the "C" beads have yellow beads dangling. The double orange bead counter indicates the right front and back 'seam' and the double red bead counter indicates the back and left front 'seam'. Pretty clever and talented sisters, eh? My sister helped me with the bead layout as she is great with colors and sparkles ~ we make a great team!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Knitting Legends

For Earth Day 2006, our family made the decision to get chickens as part of being more connected to the earth. As part of the learning experience, the chickens were to be named after favorite authors. I was able to name two of our chickens, and here is the one named "Pearl" after the knitting legend, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Yes, our "Pearl" likes yarn, and she likes to sit on the swing with me while I knit. She has even eaten my yarn, so I have to watch her as that would be a bad way to lose my stash! Here is Pearl & I and one of her (Stephanie's) wonderful books.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lovely Stash ~ Amazing Stash

I have an incredible sewing room that my husband built for me when we moved into this amazing home a few years ago. It has a long "L" shaped counter top with my sewing machines (and my oldest daughter's machine) "at the ready". It is an amazing place to sew. On the other side of my wonderful room is my yarn wall ~ my stash ~ my wonderful and delightful collection of yarn. On days when I don't have time to knit, or nights when I work late, I check out my yarn wall before going to bed. I touch some alpaca, move some colors around and whisper to myself (and the yarn?) that I'll be back soon for some real time together. It is a soothing place where I find comfort and inspiration. There are memories there of many yarn shops and shopping events, and few projects-to-be of the "What Was I Thinking" variety that have not (yet) been cast on. Who knows, there may come a time for those, or the yarn may get re-purposed into a new project. There are also some knitting cards from friends, "Friends don't let friends buy acrylic" and an autographed picture of the Yarn Harlot from one of her book tours. Lots of good times to remember ~ and so much potential for what all this yarn can be in the future!

I was only able to knit a few rows today, so my post is a tribute to my stash. Then I'll give it one last look (and touch) tonight, and whisper that I'll be back soon for some real time together......

Saturday, July 5, 2008

#1 Socks

I've mentioned that I started a pair of socks on size #1 needles. These are the first pair on such small needles, as my smallest before were size #2. Probably not much difference, other than in my head (and more stitches going around, of course). I'm using Tofutsies yarn which I'd found on Ebay awhile back, and I thought it was time to try a "Size #1 Needle Experience" so here they are. My goal is that these socks will be able to be worn in my every day shoes. My other socks have all turned out to be too snug, so they are worn with my winter boots or my camping hiking boots I wear while camping.... but I'd really like some socks for every day wearing. I'll keep you posted on my progress. The yarn is thin but seems to be working well - beautiful greens and yellows, and my Addi Lace Turbos are the perfect needle for such thin yarn and itty bitty stitches. Of course I'm using the Queen Kahuna pattern for the beginning, and I'm thinking about several pattern options for when I arrive at the cuff..... More success later! I do love the Happy Birthday bag as a knitting bag, as every day knitting feels like a birthday gift!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Delightful Progress

I am thrilled to report that the sleeves of my Central Park Hoodie are done - can you believe it? That's what happens with cool weather and a national holiday! So much for my theory, "When it is too warm to knit with all this alpaca in my lap, I'll start the body" as it has been cool enough outside to continue knitting all this wonderful alpaca! Here are the sleeves on top of some wonderful sock yarn (see the purple Jitterbug peeking out?)

Now I've even started the two fronts and back, all in one piece as I don't like seaming my garments - I'll knit them together until I get to the armholes, and then work them one piece at a time (I think - I'm not sure completely yet, but that is how I've done a few tank tops). My progress is pictured here, between two of our Tower Gardens on our back deck. Bravo for such progress of knitting and our garden to report! The knitting is wonderful with the 100% alpaca, and it is so luxurious to have Time to Knit - I'm really enjoying this part of the holiday! Lots of relaxing knitting. More knitting as soon as I'm done posting!