Friday, February 14, 2014

Finding Finn ~

Madrona Fiber Festival might be small compared to the Sock Summits, but don't underestimate the treasures, creativity and inspiration you will find there. The handspun and handdyed yarns and fibers are so lovely that they can make your heart stop. You can lose track of your senses when you find such soft fiber that can't really be that soft. As I mentally prepared for this year's Madrona trip, I had only one objective. Find fiber from Finnish Sheep.  I had heard about the perfection of Finn Wool through the Yarniacs podcast, and then by Deb's book, so I decided I needed to try spinning this as part of my spinning education.
My oh my, did I find my Finn!  At one of my favorite fiber spots, Woolgatherings, and there were so many choices! So overwhelming in their softness and beauty that I needed to get Jitteryknitter to help make the choice!  We ended up with this beautiful cream and brown, plus bought some very soft Shetland fiber too. Hurrah!!!!

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