Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dreams of Glass ~

I may not have told you of my minor obsession with the Ernst glass knitting needles. I first saw them at the first Sock Summit and knit a little swatch with them. They are lovely and light and bright, and oh so delightfully happy. Although I thought they were pricey at the time, I also knew they were a timeless treasure that would bring joy and function to any knitting project lucky enough to be knit with such happy glass. I knew we had a future together.  Each time I saw them at a fiber show, and I have been to a fair number these past years, I would lovingly knit a bit of a swatch with whatever needles were out to sample. I would chat with the owners and love their stories of "no questions" returns if one breaks, they don't really want to know what happened, just send it back and they melt it back to health. They are great people. At my first Fort Worden weekend, there was a pair of these needles as part of the prize choices, and I knew they would be mine before the end of the night. Whoops, lost them by such a close call, I knew they must not be THE ones in my future.....the next year at Fort Worden there was a pair of these needles hidden in a Mary Poppins tote, who knew?  I lost those too, to someone that didn't even love them. Where is the fairness? All the wonderful fun of Fort Worden with that slight shadow of losing those needles both years....but Fort Worden would play into our future.....
Jitteryknitter had been the banker of our acrylic "yuk" yarn sales from Fort Worden last year. You may recall that we bought a coffee maker with our first year's haul, and weren't sure what we really needed this year. As I sat in the gathering area of Madrona, she came out of the vendors area with a sassy smile on her face and I knew I was about to have an adventure. She placed a small box in my hands and it could only be one thing - the glass knitting needles. As Jitteryknitter went through box after box of needles, she finally found which ones spoke to her. These were not just any needles chosen for a prize giveaway, these were mine, these were made for me and waiting for me. They are pure sunshine yellow mixed with daffodil yellow and they sparkle and shine like Florida's afternoon sun on the ocean. I cannot say how excited, thrilled and delighted it was to finally FINALLY be united with my needles, finally able to cast on and start our future together. Ahhh, another magical time on our Madrona weekend!

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