Friday, February 21, 2014

Sock Memories ~

I have knit many socks. Most have been knit with bright and happy colors, some even neon and almost retina searing, yet very few in the solid or tonal category. All have been well loved, and I have saved all the bits and bobs of leftovers, as sock yarn is too delightful to toss or surplus.  As usual, Jitteryknitter is a genius (no kidding, she really is) and thought of a great way to use our sock bits. We knit a tonal color for a few rows and then a few rows of our sock yarn bits, and it begins to look like a memory quilt, but it is a cowl full of sock memories.
As soon as my youngest daughter saw it, she recognized her Track Star sock yarn, plus her magenta and lime green birthday socks, and other sock yarn that she had picked out (and had turned into her socks). What a great idea this is, a sock memory cowl!     P.S.  As my sock yarn is all variegated and bright, Jitteryknitter's sock yarn is all tonal and more subdued.... I know, what's that about?

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