Monday, February 10, 2014

Frog Magic ~

An epiphany hit me when I looked at my "On my needles" category. There were four scarves/shawls on the needles that I would never wear. Now that I have discovered cowls, and how they stay on me without high maintenance, I am a cowl knitter. As beautiful as the shawls are, they are not easy for me to wear, so why would I knit more of them?
With a deep breath, I frogged them all, and then took them out of Ravelry and the "On my needles" category and felt a surge of energy. All the doom and gloom of knowing I would have to slog to finish them was replaced with the excitement of casting on a new project that I would wear!  Maybe I will find new inspiration at Madrona this year! Hurrah!

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