Saturday, February 15, 2014

Soft Shetland ~

As I was telling you, I found my Finnish Wool at Woolgatherings at Madrona. As I was trying to decide which of the natural colors to purchase, I noticed the lovely colors of the Shetland next to the Finn. The Shetland wool that I purchased last year is pokey, which is my technical word for "coarse" or those wools that are more rustic and not to be placed directly next to one's skin. Well, this Shetland had not read my rules about Shetland being pokey, as it was softer than the Finn. No kidding.  Dare I say, I had to ask the owners of Woolgatherings if it was truly Shetland, or misnamed. He assured me that Shetland is not always coarse, and often very soft.
So, of course, in the name of my education.... I had to buy some to spin.....

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