Sunday, April 6, 2014

Complete Orange ~

Done in plenty of time for that May birthday, I present to you these Orangeade socks! Hurrah! I could have used a bit more yarn, as the legs/cuffs are shorter than normal, but I knew that when I started these. They seem much shorter than the first pair I knit with this yarn. 
I knit those on size 3 needles, and these with size 2, so could that be part of the reason? I ran out of yarn on the second sock's cast off, so I used a little bit from her Strawberry Lemonade (Hazel Knits) socks. Very pretty!
My birthday girl will love them, as she loves all the socks that I knit for her. She knows that is a guaranteed way of getting more knitted socks!  Now she gets to pick out some sock yarn for her next pair of socks, hurrah!!!

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