Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Sandy ~

Another confession here (I hope confessions don't become a trend this year) as I realize what a sucker I am for a new project. I get so excited about all the aspects and options for a new project that I often forget the obvious..... Upon picking up sweetie H from a sleepover last weekend at sweetie A's house and her mom (famous Sandy of cinnamon roll fame) and both of them are from the famous Harry Potter Movie event fame (pictured below)

....and I begin to chat and she mentioned how fun sweetie H's socks were. They happened to be the "crazy Turkish yarn" socks that had a few, ah, design features, including a clever feature that I call, "too short cuffs" but I digress. Sandy said she would love a pair of socks if I was ever interested in knitting a pair, or giving up a pair of my disastrous uniquely styled socks... We started talking about what colors she likes, and her school colors for those fabulous Idaho Vandals (that just won their bowl game!) and she showed me her bowl game scarf with the silver/gold Vandal colors...oooohhhh well, the seed was planted and I started processing all I know about silver and gold yarn... and they are not normally found colors in my stash, so I will have to start a hunt .....a light grey with some luster (perhaps bamboo or tencel) might pass well for silver, and a gold will be tricky, as it can't be yellow and it can't be orange.... how about some alpaca blend so they are super soft and a dk/sport weight yarn so they knit up a bit quicker, so perhaps she can wear them for the next bowl game (or at least before our kids graduate from high school)

After 5 days of high fantasy of new yarn in new colors with a new project....I realized I forgot to ask Sandy what size shoe she wears....ahem, as that might be useful in knowing what size to knit these fantasy socks....( did I forget such a key detail?)

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