Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excellent Yarn Yoga ~

Yarn yoga this weekend was great fun. Kathy, my sister, was to be the hostess, and it was her first ever hosting of Yarn Yoga. She took the preparations very seriously and had poured through recipe books to find just the right combination of great foods for this event. She decided on a theme of decades, as she had great music from the decades of the 1960's, 70's and beyond.

She made Mom's Seafood Specials from our childhood, the 1960's...this tasted and smelled just like home...perfect and so yummy too!

She found a grasshopper pie recipe from the 1970's when she was newly married (oh so yummy this was!!!)....

I'm not sure which dish was from the 1980's... or the 1990's.....or currently.....

Perhaps the little mushroom quiches were from the 1990's, and the cheese puff twists were from the 1980's, and the bleu cheese dip and POG drink from the 2000's...

we drank our coffee from these beautiful green antique dishes... very yummy and so beautiful in their greens!

we had a lovely time ~ a perfect time ~ and excellent time! Stay tuned for tomorrow when I show you what we knit!

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