Monday, April 8, 2013


I first saw these advertized at one of my favorite yarn shops in Portland, Oregon. Addi Sock Rockets, for faster sock knitting, and well, who would not want some of that action?  I emailed that shop, and they had already sold out. WHAT?   So I kept looking, as I really wanted to see these babies and give them a test drive....everywhere I checked, they were already sold out..... Enter Vogue Knitting Live and Paradise Fibers.....I have shopped in their booth many times and have ordered from them on line and I love them... and they had SOCK ROCKETS, but only two pair in size 1 and two pair in the size just less that 1 but bigger than zero (weird, I know....) Marion and I grabbed them, as we could see by the empty rows of needle racks that they were almost sold out....(well, once we grabbed them, they were sold out!)
Yes, these little sticks can go super fast and super quick, and I had a blast casting on. Tips are sharp and narrow, and smooth sailing. I love them! I am so excited to have them that I am not going to feel bad or guilty that I now have (gulp!) six pairs of socks "on my needles" - yes, SIX!!!!  How fun is that!!!!

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