Friday, April 5, 2013

Chicks on the move ~

We added eight lovely chicks to our farm menagerie this spring. So cute and small when we brought them home and put them in their little wagon in the garage. With their heat lamp and straw, they grow to be a bit bigger there until we can move then into their chick condo next to the chicken coup.
The chick condo boasts of shared water facilities with the hens, so they can meet and greet over drinks. They can visit but not go into the other area yet, but just a bit of acclimation for the older hens and the wee chicks.
We had a lovely day this weekend to move the chicks into their condo, and they seem to be getting along with the hens.  The hens are curious about the wee ones, and the wee ones are still running around with boundless energy...Spring is here!

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