Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Blessings ~

With all the bad news coming out of Boston this past week, I wanted to share a good story.  We heard about the Boston Marathon while in Oregon. My daughter asked me if my spinning teacher was running in it, as she had finally qualified for Boston while I was still taking lessons with her. As I've talked about my spinning teacher before, she is an amazing lady in many many ways, plus a fabulous spinner and spinning teacher.  I emailed her as soon as we arrived home on Monday night, but I had not heard from her yet, and kept sending prayers and positive thoughts her way.   I received this email from her today:
Hi, - yes, I ran Boston this year, and came in just about three minutes before the first blast. My daughter was with me. I was in the finishing chutes, and had just gotten my water bottle (hadn’t even gotten my medal yet) when the first one went off. It was a very chaotic end to an amazing race, but we are safe, well, and walked out under our own power. We are feeling so blessed and grateful, I cannot even begin to describe. I thank you for your thoughts and good wishes. Boston is an amazing city, and I hope to go back next year. I was only going to go the once, but now, I’m more determined than ever. :-)
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