Saturday, April 20, 2013

Track Rockets ~

We spent today at an invitational track meet, so my youngest was running the 1600 (1 mile) along with 40 other girls in her "heat" and there were four heats of girls running the mile. Yes, big race and wonderful day.   Great news is that she ran really well.
Other great news is that I was able to get out the Sock Rockets and take them for another spin.  This (above) is how the socks looked before the race.
This (above) is how they looked after the race, as we were celebrating with lunch.  They are pretty fast needles!  Notice the Champion Gold nail polish of my track star daughter! She is the one that picked out this glorious yarn for my Christmas gift, so I could knit her some wild socks. I love this yarn!!! I like these needles a lot, and wish I had more time to help them knit faster!!

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