Monday, April 29, 2013

Run for Boston ~

I saw this hat pattern on Ravelry last week and knew I had to knit one, or two or maybe three of them... or perhaps more, as I am in a family of runners. I also sent it as a "gift" to my spinning teacher who ran Boston this year (see previous post). A bonus for me is that the hat needs four colors, and I am all about colors!  I asked Jitteryknitter to help me pick out colors for both my daughters, and we made awesome choices!  She even let me pick lime green! What a great friend! Another bonus, our favorite yarn shop was having a sale!
This is what the ribbing is supposed to look like.  I had a false start with my first cast on as the rows with purl stitches looked wonky. Although I have knit a lot of two color fair isle, I cannot recall ever purling... so I had some trouble with all the yarn getting tangled with the I ripped it out, pondered how it was supposed to work, and then cast on again.... also texted Jitteryknitter with a bit of *$^%# and that always seems to help!

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