Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vogue Live ~

How lucky to have Vogue Live in our area this weekend!  I met up with Marion and we worked the booth for the Seattle Knitters Guild in the afternoon and met lots of great knitters! Lots of stories and lots of knitted projects and lots of "what did you buy?"!  Sort of a big Yarn Yoga for our area!
The market place was fun, starting with this array of Cascade Yarns hanging from the upper deck. A rainbow of colors from black all the way to the lightest of creme.  They said that on Sunday when the show was done, they would cut the ribbons and we could grab the yarn as it fell....I'm sure it was pandemonium when this happened!!
There were great vendors and great displays - our favorite yarn store Serial Knitters was there, and our favorite Yarn Artist Susan Tidwell, plus Hazel Knits and Paradise Fibers...The Fiber Gallery...Soon I will tell you the very very special purchase that Marion and I is a hint: We bought the LAST ONES!!!! (Stay tuned!)

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